What’s the etiquette regarding running into someone you know in a physical therapy office? If you recognize his voice from the next compartment and emerge from yours to find him lying like a sideways hulk on the therapy slab; if you’re a possibly estranged friend of his bestest, do you offer the poor, vulnerable, bare-torsoed behemoth a “Hi.”? I kinda wanted to. I like him. But I didn’t want him first to recognize MY voice. That woulda taken control from me and ruined my surprise.

In any event, he didn’t see me standing there. Maybe he couldn’t move his head in my direction. I didn’t want to say “hey” if that meant he would twist and break his skeleton. I stood in what should have been his field of vision and waved before I left. He didn’t seem to notice.

By the way, I also saw the proprietor of the neighborhood’s 70-year-old Arab market — the best place in town to purchase a 70-year-old Arab — in the therapeutic house. I’ve seen him bent over by his cash registers. And the wave-resistant guy putting around the area on a mobility scooter.

I wonder if I’m at the right physical therapist.


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