I woke around 7 and immediately realized I hadn’t taken my beta blocker last night, leaving me, 9 hours later, vulnerable to adrenaline strikes upon a heart no longer used to such attacks. Fortunately, I had been asleep during most of that time and, with no Dreamland challenges to respond to, my adrenaline levels, therefore my heart rate and sundry vitals, felt similar to what they would have been had I dosed appropriately. So right did I feel that I suspected, or at least hoped, that I was wrong, that I’d forgotten not to TAKE the med, but that I’d took it.

No. The half-ish tablet was in its lone compartment and I began to fear the palpitations, more likely now because of worry. I forced myself to take the tab immediately, not waste time working myself up.

It lingered on my tongue a touch, then vanished into me before any stress could register and condemn. Or at least before it could register. Perhaps I WAS condemned. The adrenaline that oozed before my tabletizing now commenced to make itself known.

I got twitchy.

I had been too late, because I hadn’t met my Wakeland challenge and had not just tarried, I’d worried.

I returned to bed to breathe myself calm.


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