I didn’t look into the details, so I might be completely wrong, but it seems to me the replacement of venue magnate Charlie Wood (who I like) with a comic, plus whatever other changes in this direction occurred on the Fringe board, are good ones. This despite the fact that I, as I’ve already expressed, would like to see the complete expungement and replacement of the Fringe Society, for reasons both practical and vengeful. (It seems the Society is my Obamacare.)

Whatever… I feel fuzzy today, maybe because of imaginary overindulgence at the always-the-same-therefore-ennui-inducing So You Think You’re Funny? party I probably wouldn’t have gone to even if I’d been in Edinburgh.

I used to like to go back when there was food. In those days, you could stand right where it was coming from and grab it while it was fresh, making the servers dizzy with instantaneous swish returns to the kitchen. Have they reinstated food?

Hey! Maybe the fuzziness is due to my bedtime remembrance (when I’m not at a party, I bedtime remember) of the time I accidentally maneuvered myself into some bouillabaisse at David Caruso’s place, only to receive a message from him afterward asking if I wanted to hang out or something and be friends. “How?” I wondered, ” What do you do with a handsome actor guy?”

At the time, I only knew how to hang out with comedians and we did not become friends.

Every decision is a whole different life.


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