Y’see, I know all my fans by name (at least by username) and together they could comprise a potent mini-cult that would refuse, despite exhortations, to drink the Flavor Aid, knowing full well obeisance to any man is a fool’s drinking game.

Surely, none of the 6 people who’ve witnessed my performances would deny that I have established, during the formidable AJL Decade of Fringe, that I can sit in a room for an hour and entertain people with a story from my life. To move my reputation forward doing the thing I’ve done so well, I have to do it to more people, to the RIGHT people. Somehow.

I have nothing to prove to anybody.

Except everybody.

Except myself.

But I’ve PROVED it already. Why can’t folks just walk through the veil of time and see what I laid out for them in their absence? It’s still floating there, rippling through the ambient layer. I think. ( I mean, I’m not a scientist.)

And I can work on NEW ideas. Fluid, kinetic, comic innovations that would make the Moscow Ballet look like a rock.


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  1. Andy I am half of the duo who spend a misspent week consuming ;art’ like a fast food franchise and then going back to our relatively comfortable lives. You and the other artists who throng the fringe to bare your souls have my greatest respect. Sorry you won’t be there this year you are genuinely one of the funniest and wittiest people I have ever met. Lewis Schaffer just doesn’t cut the mustard so we have had to axe him from the schedule for some Eastern European angst troupe – whereas you would have been cemented in from the very start. Genius doesn’t necessarily get an audience in their lifetime – just look at Kafka.
    You have shared the love – that is more than enough. Hope you can make it next year.

    Don’t go to see any comedians on the Fringe anymore because almost to a man or woman it’s yada yada yada – leaving me with a feeling of so what in a hot and steamy room with poor sightlines and BO.Exceptions for the great Edward Aczel who reckons he’s throwing in the towel and the equally great AJL !


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