Got a message alerting me to the fact that someone other than the usual host will be running the storytelling show at UCB East tonight. Sub host’s name linked to a Facebook page and as she seemed like she might be cute, I looked, as one does, through some of her pictures. Almost immediately, there was the dangerous image of sub host giving the finger.

Now, it is a useful convenience in life to recognize that almost anyone who prominently posts a picture of his or herself giving the finger is an idiot. Misguided. Simple. Certainly not in any way outrageous.

My friend Michael, now a misguided (though not simple) religious guy, and I used to laugh at the managers of Drew Carey, Tim Allen and a host of other comics (most of whom you’ve never heard of) because they had on their wall a line of photos of each of their clients giving the finger. While some of these clients were undoubtedly funny, the managers, we knew, were not, because they were capable of feeling this display was indicative of anything other than stupidity.

And even as stupidity, it was pretty feeble.

Of course, I’m not offended by “the finger,” which is precisely my point. It is the default outrageous gesture of the unimaginative. Not myself unimaginative, I imagine the sub host in question will end up seeing this post and hating me, protecting herself with the notion that she is ironic.

And I will have another non-friend.

But you know, she wasn’t THAT cute.

And Tim Allen’s managers didn’t love me either, which is a MUCH bigger deal (quietly gives them the finger).


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